Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ricer? Well it was at Wal-mart, nuff said....

Did this guy wish for a Chevy Cobalt, but couldn't afford the payments? Sure with this mod(wooden wing) he will gain at least 20 horsepower to the wheels! Oh wait it's front wheel drive.... If the wife sees this, she will know where her shelf went that she put cotton balls on in the bathroom.
Its not really a wing if it matches the trunk height! Wood shop pays off!

Thanks goes out to Nick for this picture!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Taxi! That other one was too high to get in....

What a Lambo(Lamborghini Murcielago) was designed for, to get a complete stranger(might fit someone else on your lap) at a set rate to there destination. With 631hp at 8,000rpm, 0-60 comes in a short 3.4! You will be stuck at that next red light in no time. Not to mention at 8mpg city, sure wish could get on the highway to get that 13mpg. Car is a supercar, not a taxi, least you can get in this one....
Luggage? I will pick it up on the second run minus you for an extra charge of course!

Crown Vics never had a chance!

Yo! Taxi!

Think this cabbie gets more or less business with wheels like this? Good luck getting inside!
Maybe they can't rob me being this high?

Kobe Bryant can reach the trunk for you...


As you can tell, this is a kick-ass race car and you would be an idiot not to take advantage of this gorgeous opportunity. Check it out, courtesy of Dallas Craigslist:

"I have a 1996 honda accord for sale. Little more than 120,000 miles, all maintenance done on car. I need this car gone asap for some bills. The car does have a list of modds including 18 inch wheels, new tires on the front, and lots of life on the rear, has eiback springs, greddy exhaust, dc sport headers, msd blaster coil, new plugs, detachable steering wheel, short shifter, fidanza lightened flywheel and clutch, projector headlights.... the rear door handles are there but the outside has been molded...... much more. The car needs paint, it is sanded but needs a little more sanding, has a little surface rust from sitting. There is also an electrical problem with the lights, should be an easy fix. Please call for more details. The mods are worth as much as i am selling the car for. I just need it gone asap. Will negotiate on price!!! call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email me directly at xxxxxxx@yahoo.com. will send pics if needed. PLEASE COME AND GET IT!! "