Friday, August 28, 2009

BMW Z4 Video = Bad Production Aspects

Nothing like checking out a review of your favorite car through a video review online, but this commentator was driving me crazy with his not made for radio voice. Even the music is out of place not fitting with the segments and when the editing tries to match the music all goes wrong(4:19 on the video). Some great camera shots but without the other aspects of the production it just does not work. Here is the link via YouTube: BMW Z4 Video Review

Free 1998 BMW

From Craigslist, as usual...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1987 Caprice - Blue Flames - Open to trades

You want $8500 for this? The 350 V-8 only put about 170hp as well which is a pushover in terms of what cars offer now. Not to mention you have allot of weight to lug around with 1980s body styling that was good enough for a cabbie or a cop to drive in for the hey day. He lists things he did to the car and puts a price on them, still does not really add up. Pretty sure most of these items were needed at some point to replaced worn/broken items on the car. I don't care how many TVs and where there located, that does not justify the price! If the body style was a classic(which its not), then maybe if someone really liked the mods it might be worth it. Good luck getting 8.5 grand for this buddy! Way too much money to throw into a hunker and to expect someone to pay for your mods. Love him looking over his ad for any mistakes as well, a few is expected but this many you better blame your son or daughter in Pre-K. My favorite overlooks are:
-transmissin (Huh, is this slang or maybe he meant it is missing?)
-band new gas tank (Rubber band inside or a 3 piece band inside? No idea...)
-ostrage top with 3 convertable bumbs in it (Hmmm know its Ostrich like animal but the other part not sure want to spend time figuring it out.)
-memphes speakers and twetters (Twetters, yep almost like Tweeters, twice the T makes it double good as well as Memphis misspelled.)
-have air shock on it (You read that right he has one air shock in total, guess he either forgot to install the rest of them or got caught up installing all the TVs)
-blue neon tubs in the trunck (Was not aware they made "neon tubs" , wondered where the dirty neon went to clean up. "Trunck"..... spell it how it sounds.
-The whole typing in caps usually gets to me as someone yelling, well this guy decided not to capitalize any letters among other things. Trades are open!! Wonder what he would consider an equal trade, this is a prank call waiting to happen!

87 caprice on 24s - $8500
Date: 2009-08-20, 7:54PM CDT
Reply to:

it is back with blue flames on the hood and on mirriors. has 4 screens 1 flip down 17 inch, 2 10inch headrest screens in back window,and a 7inch touch screen indash. has a rebuilt 350 and transmissin. with true duels with flowmasters. band new gas tank. pop trunk on it with 2 12 inch kicker subs with 1000 watt kicker amp.fresh black ostrage top with 3 convertable bumbs in it. black and blue leather interior. shaved door handles. alarm.memphes speakers and twetters. and on 24s with new tires. no scratches or curb checks on the rims at all. have air shock on it. 2 blue neon tubs in the or text justin. trades are open.

ostrage top-650
the sytem-700
2 headrest screens-600
pop trunk-850
flowmasters and tips-400
flip down-750
air shocks-200
gas tank-150
Someone's Dream.....

Awesome blue flames, reminds you to light your pilot light...

If the blue was not enough for the flames, now its inside the car as well. Maybe the Vega Brothers killed Pappa Smurf inside this car and awaiting Mr. Wolf's plan.

1984 Lincoln Limo - Flame Paint Job

How many people have a use for a limo with flames on it? I know the demand is so high and its a buyers market with the economy the way it is. Pretty sure the owner did not have the heart to trade it in for the clunkers program. Here is the part that puzzles me, "Ran when it was parked". So you saying it only runs while parked? Mentioned worth the price of the paint alone.... that is like saying you can pick the bones of whatever meat is left over when I had my way with a rack of ribs.

1984 Lincoln Limo - $1500

Date: 2009-08-06, 2:15PM CDT
Reply to:

For Sale 1984 Lincoln Limo. New paint with flames. Ran when it was parked. Needs wiring repaired. Nothing real major. Paint job is worth the asking price.

So classy, runs while parked, must be expensive to keep it gassed upped and parked!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready to Race

Again, courtesy of Craigslist Dallas,

image 1332388140-0

image 1332388140-2image 1332388140-3

"CIVIC HATC DX CLEAR TITLE 2001 GSR SWAP FIVE SPEED TRANNY PRICE IS 4500 FIRM NO A/C NO P/S READY TO RACE...." A/C in Dallas...and who exactly are you going to race with this thing? Or, who's going to race you with this thing?

Runs Strong

Courtesy of Dallas Craigslist, 1999 Acura TL Type S

According to the description,


You don't say!!!


But other than that, it needs nothing, and it "runs strong".

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This VW Scircocco = "Race Car"? OMGWTF!??

Would be the perfect race car according to this Craigslist poster, but damn it needs minor brake work and fuel cleaning. Feel like calling the guy and asking what he has under the hood because think I'm missing something...

_____VW Scirocco____race car - $450

Date: 2009-08-16, 9:24AM CDT
Reply to: see below

1978 Volkswagon Sciroco race car. Runs but needs some minor brake and fuel system cleaning.

Perfect SCCA sports car racing! Only asking $450 obo....make offer!!

Call Mark (cell deleted)

Keywords: 1968, rat rod, hot rod, race car, stock car, 1985, 1990, 2000, 2001,

0-Rust in 6.3 seconds

2 door=race car?

Front wheel drive and mismatched rims should make this perfect for SCCA!!! Just wait till my fuel system is cleaned, Ill get you and your little dog too!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Honest advertising

Post from Dallas Craigslist:

"Stainless RICER mufflers:

New in box polished stainless mufflers so you can be 2 fast and 2 furious. Would look awesome on you Honda, Cavalier or Nissan. Good for at least 7 h.p. $75 for both"

Saturday, August 15, 2009

King Kong ain't got $h!t on me!

Remembering "Training Day"(click to see clip) with Denzel Washington, featured a 1979 Monte Carlo that was freaked in the classic sense of pimping a ride. Reminds me of a joke, why do lowriders have tiny steering wheels? It is the only way they can drive with handcuffs on, doh! These cars have become a dying breed only found in car shows and no longer on the streets. The way cars get "freaked" in this day in age is by adding over-sized rims, skipping the hydros and your car club logo or your last name in the rear window. The large rims look fine to some extent, especially on a larger vehicle like a truck. But there are some people who get the case of "OR", referred to "Over Rim". Larger and larger till one day they wonder why there car handles like a tank, can't make turns properly and always pulled over by the 5-0. Not to mention robbed at gun point for their wheels, oh the humanity!

Yep, Loves Mickey Dees and his Rims! Almost looks like Flavor Flav!

Let's go off-roading!

Notice how much room he needed to parallel park !

40 inches, size matters, driving not so much!

No engine modification, everything else is modified though! Talking about the Caprice...

Well you do not notice my rims because they are clear, well sort of. never mind that my car is a POS! Great Investment for sure!

No mine are bigger, never mind that I have Donkey Kong on my door!

Mine are the largest, I have street cred becuase of this!!

To think all this started because of an Idea...

2009 Nissan sentra Stolen sliver

My first no picture post, so your car got stolen? Do you want the world to know? Hit up Craigslist to prove his spelling book got stolen as well! Not sure why I would be storing a Sentra, mean I was storing a Maxima only because found it fair and square! Glad I log on to Craigslist to see what I was storing could be stolen..... *dials police* What was that emergency number again? 411?

2009 Nissan sentra Stolen sliver
Date: 2009-07-28, 5:33PM CDT
Reply to:

if you are storeing a 2009 nissan sentra sliver that car is ncic stolen that CAR IS STOLEN!!! Please contact the Police dept and get it out of your posseion..

Friday, August 14, 2009

Race Prepped Pontiac Sunfire

Courtesy of Craigslist Dallas. Apparently someone thought that a Pontiac Sunfire would make a good race car (or racecar-looking) platform.

5 speed manual transmission
Air Conditioning
Nice Body Kit
Aftermarket Sony Explod Head Unit
Wiring for Subs
Nice After Market Wheels and Tires
58,000 miles on it
7 color underglow on exterior
Multicolor underglow in interior
Painted Racing graphics on hood and side

Note that none of the mods are going to do anything for performance. So it's strictly for looks - including the multicolor neon lights. I have a feeling people around you are going to suspect it's an alien spaceship looking for people to abduct or about to take off.

Asking price for this automitive masterpiece? $8,000 - nevermind that the Blue Book value is less than half of that at $3,800.

Still not as bad as some of the other cars we've featured here, I'll grant him that.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And now for a change...

So far we have only featured vehicular disgraces here. I'd like to post something nice, for a change. Enter the MV Augusta F4 RR, current holder of the world's fastest motorcycle title:

- 190 BHP from a 4 cyl, 1,080cc engine
- Monobloc Brembo brakes and fully adjustable suspension
- Trellis frame
- Weight: 423 lb (dry)
- Top speed: 196mph
- 0 to 60 estimated between 2.5 and 3.0 secs (limited by available traction)
- Quarter mile around 9.1 - 9.5 seconds
- Suggested retail price: $24,000

So for less than the price of many Harleys, or a Chevy Malibu, you can own an exotic Italian superbike capable of obliterating anything less than an F1 car. That's exciting and scary.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Poor Aprilia...

A modern sportsbike is a marvel of engineering. A $10,000 bike can easily outperform cars costing dozens of times that amount. At the same time, aerodynamic and chassis considerations have led to many sportsbikes looking the same. Gone are the days when Yamahas, Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis all had very distinctive designs - with a few honorable exceptions, there aren't many models that are sufficiently different than a casual viewer can distinguish, say, between a GSXR-1000 and a CBR-1000.

Even better, if you own a semi-exotic Italian Aprilia Mille, it makes sense to customize your ride with a kick-ass paint job that will establish your cred as a badass and your machine as a rocket capable of obliterating the quarter mile in under 12 seconds.

How many instances of FAIL can you spot in this picture?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Honda Custom Racing Shop

I saw this poor thing the other day while walking to the drug store. Unfortunately all I had was my shitty cellphone camera, and I didn't want to attract to much attention to myself so I only took a couple of bad pictures.

The owner carved a big H on the hood with what would seem to be a hacksaw or a dremel, since the edges were very uneven. I'm guessing he wanted to make sure that we would see the H and understand it's a Honda and not confuse it with a Lamborghini or a Bugatti.

Then he riveted an acrylic sheet underneath, to let us all enjoy the glory that is the 1994 Honda Accord four cylinder powerplant, which he painted yellow. The acrylic had turned yellow and wavy in some areas, due to heat, but that didn't detract at all from the fine craftsmanship which is evident in the smallest details.

To complete this picture, there was a small badge above the "H" Honda badge that read, "Custom Racing Shop". Phew! He took it to a shop...and here I was thinking he did all the work himself, silly me!

As you can see, some of the other strategies the shop utilized in their quest to maximize the racing potential of this finely tuned machine included stick-on fender vents, and racy hubcaps.

In short, as you can see from the pictures, they have turned this formerly humble family sedan into a formidable contender at the drag strip or racetrack.

Monday, August 3, 2009

You pay me to take it, that is my offer!

Strong running work car? What is going to get worked is your pride driving this and getting 7 miles to the gallon. It's more of a landmark than anything, "Oh yeah turn right at the Griswald's station wagon, I'm in the corner house with the red brick.

Make offer on a strong running work car (Tampa)

Date: 2009-07-19, 1:14PM EDT
Reply to:

This is a strong running 1981 chrysler wagon, in good shape with pwr everything. only 116,621 miles, V8 auto.

Make offer, needs to go!!

call (blank) or e-mail

See the car in the lower right of the poster bottom, yep work car all right, and strong!!(click on picture to enlarge)



Here's a fine 2002 Mercedes C240, courtesy of Orange County Craigslist. Let's list a few noteworthy items:

"$14,000 in UPGRADES & EXTRAS" - Yup. you'll get awesome return on investment when you sell it.

Louis Vuitton Interior with Black Leather" - As far as I can tell from a 5 minute Google search and browsing the MB USA website, a "Louis Vuitton" interior was never an option. So the leather seats were made to look like those knock-off handbags sold on flea market stalls. If that doesn't scream luxury, I don't know what will.

19'' Black OR Chrome Giovanna wheels (You get BOTH they are chrome but you can add a third piece wich makes them black,..." - Brilliant idea, having three separate pieces in your wheels. That's not going to affect weight or wheel balance or anything.

LAMBO doors(Lamborghini style doors)" - These are so played out even real Lambos don't have them anymore. Plus I'm not convinced that they seal as well against the elements as the normal hinges and latches are designed to.

ioneer Stereo on a GRANITE stone Frame" - I've got GRANITE countertops, now I can extend the LUXURIOUS FEELING OF GRANITE to my car!!!

"Also incuded a CAPASITOR system ran for the premium sound for energy purposes. (protects your battery life) Also upgraded to a DURALAST battery (for extra power for sounds)" - The CAPACITOR (not CAPASITOR) and the DURALAST batteries can be purchased at any Autozone for $100 or so. By the way, Duralast is not generally considered to be a top of the line battery.

There's the big ass sub. But the downside is, your C-class now has less storage space than an MR2. Still worth it considering you can rattle windows within a four mile radius.

Classy!!! Elegant!!!

Can you FEEL the luxury?


As you can see, professional grade audio install included careful mounting of the amplifiers to make sure they are properly secured and mounted, and all cables were carefully routed and hidden so as to not get snagged on anything.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Biker Boy With An Upright Position

After a long day at work found this gem, and our first motorcycle post. Glad this biker can have the best of both worlds, which makes me think if he has a girlfriend does he intend to add another seat for her?
More do it yourself and make do fixes can be seen here at