Monday, August 3, 2009


Here's a fine 2002 Mercedes C240, courtesy of Orange County Craigslist. Let's list a few noteworthy items:

"$14,000 in UPGRADES & EXTRAS" - Yup. you'll get awesome return on investment when you sell it.

Louis Vuitton Interior with Black Leather" - As far as I can tell from a 5 minute Google search and browsing the MB USA website, a "Louis Vuitton" interior was never an option. So the leather seats were made to look like those knock-off handbags sold on flea market stalls. If that doesn't scream luxury, I don't know what will.

19'' Black OR Chrome Giovanna wheels (You get BOTH they are chrome but you can add a third piece wich makes them black,..." - Brilliant idea, having three separate pieces in your wheels. That's not going to affect weight or wheel balance or anything.

LAMBO doors(Lamborghini style doors)" - These are so played out even real Lambos don't have them anymore. Plus I'm not convinced that they seal as well against the elements as the normal hinges and latches are designed to.

ioneer Stereo on a GRANITE stone Frame" - I've got GRANITE countertops, now I can extend the LUXURIOUS FEELING OF GRANITE to my car!!!

"Also incuded a CAPASITOR system ran for the premium sound for energy purposes. (protects your battery life) Also upgraded to a DURALAST battery (for extra power for sounds)" - The CAPACITOR (not CAPASITOR) and the DURALAST batteries can be purchased at any Autozone for $100 or so. By the way, Duralast is not generally considered to be a top of the line battery.

There's the big ass sub. But the downside is, your C-class now has less storage space than an MR2. Still worth it considering you can rattle windows within a four mile radius.

Classy!!! Elegant!!!

Can you FEEL the luxury?


As you can see, professional grade audio install included careful mounting of the amplifiers to make sure they are properly secured and mounted, and all cables were carefully routed and hidden so as to not get snagged on anything.

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