Sunday, August 23, 2009

1984 Lincoln Limo - Flame Paint Job

How many people have a use for a limo with flames on it? I know the demand is so high and its a buyers market with the economy the way it is. Pretty sure the owner did not have the heart to trade it in for the clunkers program. Here is the part that puzzles me, "Ran when it was parked". So you saying it only runs while parked? Mentioned worth the price of the paint alone.... that is like saying you can pick the bones of whatever meat is left over when I had my way with a rack of ribs.

1984 Lincoln Limo - $1500

Date: 2009-08-06, 2:15PM CDT
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For Sale 1984 Lincoln Limo. New paint with flames. Ran when it was parked. Needs wiring repaired. Nothing real major. Paint job is worth the asking price.

So classy, runs while parked, must be expensive to keep it gassed upped and parked!

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  1. Actually, I can literally see a Mexican narco buying that shit. It's very, very common among narcos to think money == style.