Saturday, August 15, 2009

King Kong ain't got $h!t on me!

Remembering "Training Day"(click to see clip) with Denzel Washington, featured a 1979 Monte Carlo that was freaked in the classic sense of pimping a ride. Reminds me of a joke, why do lowriders have tiny steering wheels? It is the only way they can drive with handcuffs on, doh! These cars have become a dying breed only found in car shows and no longer on the streets. The way cars get "freaked" in this day in age is by adding over-sized rims, skipping the hydros and your car club logo or your last name in the rear window. The large rims look fine to some extent, especially on a larger vehicle like a truck. But there are some people who get the case of "OR", referred to "Over Rim". Larger and larger till one day they wonder why there car handles like a tank, can't make turns properly and always pulled over by the 5-0. Not to mention robbed at gun point for their wheels, oh the humanity!

Yep, Loves Mickey Dees and his Rims! Almost looks like Flavor Flav!

Let's go off-roading!

Notice how much room he needed to parallel park !

40 inches, size matters, driving not so much!

No engine modification, everything else is modified though! Talking about the Caprice...

Well you do not notice my rims because they are clear, well sort of. never mind that my car is a POS! Great Investment for sure!

No mine are bigger, never mind that I have Donkey Kong on my door!

Mine are the largest, I have street cred becuase of this!!

To think all this started because of an Idea...

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