Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Nissan sentra Stolen sliver

My first no picture post, so your car got stolen? Do you want the world to know? Hit up Craigslist to prove his spelling book got stolen as well! Not sure why I would be storing a Sentra, mean I was storing a Maxima only because found it fair and square! Glad I log on to Craigslist to see what I was storing could be stolen..... *dials police* What was that emergency number again? 411?

2009 Nissan sentra Stolen sliver
Date: 2009-07-28, 5:33PM CDT
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if you are storeing a 2009 nissan sentra sliver that car is ncic stolen that CAR IS STOLEN!!! Please contact the Police dept and get it out of your posseion..

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