Sunday, August 23, 2009

1987 Caprice - Blue Flames - Open to trades

You want $8500 for this? The 350 V-8 only put about 170hp as well which is a pushover in terms of what cars offer now. Not to mention you have allot of weight to lug around with 1980s body styling that was good enough for a cabbie or a cop to drive in for the hey day. He lists things he did to the car and puts a price on them, still does not really add up. Pretty sure most of these items were needed at some point to replaced worn/broken items on the car. I don't care how many TVs and where there located, that does not justify the price! If the body style was a classic(which its not), then maybe if someone really liked the mods it might be worth it. Good luck getting 8.5 grand for this buddy! Way too much money to throw into a hunker and to expect someone to pay for your mods. Love him looking over his ad for any mistakes as well, a few is expected but this many you better blame your son or daughter in Pre-K. My favorite overlooks are:
-transmissin (Huh, is this slang or maybe he meant it is missing?)
-band new gas tank (Rubber band inside or a 3 piece band inside? No idea...)
-ostrage top with 3 convertable bumbs in it (Hmmm know its Ostrich like animal but the other part not sure want to spend time figuring it out.)
-memphes speakers and twetters (Twetters, yep almost like Tweeters, twice the T makes it double good as well as Memphis misspelled.)
-have air shock on it (You read that right he has one air shock in total, guess he either forgot to install the rest of them or got caught up installing all the TVs)
-blue neon tubs in the trunck (Was not aware they made "neon tubs" , wondered where the dirty neon went to clean up. "Trunck"..... spell it how it sounds.
-The whole typing in caps usually gets to me as someone yelling, well this guy decided not to capitalize any letters among other things. Trades are open!! Wonder what he would consider an equal trade, this is a prank call waiting to happen!

87 caprice on 24s - $8500
Date: 2009-08-20, 7:54PM CDT
Reply to:

it is back with blue flames on the hood and on mirriors. has 4 screens 1 flip down 17 inch, 2 10inch headrest screens in back window,and a 7inch touch screen indash. has a rebuilt 350 and transmissin. with true duels with flowmasters. band new gas tank. pop trunk on it with 2 12 inch kicker subs with 1000 watt kicker amp.fresh black ostrage top with 3 convertable bumbs in it. black and blue leather interior. shaved door handles. alarm.memphes speakers and twetters. and on 24s with new tires. no scratches or curb checks on the rims at all. have air shock on it. 2 blue neon tubs in the or text justin. trades are open.

ostrage top-650
the sytem-700
2 headrest screens-600
pop trunk-850
flowmasters and tips-400
flip down-750
air shocks-200
gas tank-150
Someone's Dream.....

Awesome blue flames, reminds you to light your pilot light...

If the blue was not enough for the flames, now its inside the car as well. Maybe the Vega Brothers killed Pappa Smurf inside this car and awaiting Mr. Wolf's plan.

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