Friday, August 14, 2009

Race Prepped Pontiac Sunfire

Courtesy of Craigslist Dallas. Apparently someone thought that a Pontiac Sunfire would make a good race car (or racecar-looking) platform.

5 speed manual transmission
Air Conditioning
Nice Body Kit
Aftermarket Sony Explod Head Unit
Wiring for Subs
Nice After Market Wheels and Tires
58,000 miles on it
7 color underglow on exterior
Multicolor underglow in interior
Painted Racing graphics on hood and side

Note that none of the mods are going to do anything for performance. So it's strictly for looks - including the multicolor neon lights. I have a feeling people around you are going to suspect it's an alien spaceship looking for people to abduct or about to take off.

Asking price for this automitive masterpiece? $8,000 - nevermind that the Blue Book value is less than half of that at $3,800.

Still not as bad as some of the other cars we've featured here, I'll grant him that.

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  1. Actually, in Mexico, including the mods, this Sunfire would actually sell for around $8000. I'm being 100% honest here.