Monday, August 10, 2009

Poor Aprilia...

A modern sportsbike is a marvel of engineering. A $10,000 bike can easily outperform cars costing dozens of times that amount. At the same time, aerodynamic and chassis considerations have led to many sportsbikes looking the same. Gone are the days when Yamahas, Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis all had very distinctive designs - with a few honorable exceptions, there aren't many models that are sufficiently different than a casual viewer can distinguish, say, between a GSXR-1000 and a CBR-1000.

Even better, if you own a semi-exotic Italian Aprilia Mille, it makes sense to customize your ride with a kick-ass paint job that will establish your cred as a badass and your machine as a rocket capable of obliterating the quarter mile in under 12 seconds.

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