Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brilliant solution

I took these pics outside my office earlier today. The scoop was real carbon fiber, though there didn't seem to be a hole under it. Not like it would make a performance difference anyway.

There are a few other details that you can't see thanks to the craptacular camera in the 2G iPhone, such as skull-embroidered seat covers and bitchin' flame stickers on the rear quarter panels, which I could not get a good angle to photograph.

But the real attraction here, what made me go "WTF" and take the pics, was his solution to the broken headlamp. As you can see, he just took a clear rubber mat, cut it to size and has been using that for a while, as evidenced by the yellowing and burnt marks. I bet he felt so smart when he came upon that solution. "Boy, I saved a lot of money! I'm the greatest!"

As with many ricers, safety is secondary to appearance...considering you can buy a new headlamp assembly for next to nothing on Ebay or Craigslist, it's inexcusable to drive around like this. Sell the fake hood scoop if needed, or the clear corner lamps. Hope he doesn't hurt someone because he couldn't see anything at night.

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