Friday, July 31, 2009

89 Toyota Pickup 4X4

He daily drove it in the backyard and then got to the steep porch where it died out and the heads gave up! No offense to Toyota as they make great cars, parts give up as well as some owners expect the car to last without any care. Wonder if I offered to buy the truck that I could use his porch light there to install the new heads and drive it in his daily driven conditions? Maybe he has something cool like a skateboard ramp in the yard to check out the articulation. Talking about the new car, does he park the new car in the living room so that he is not walking a long distance? Heaven forbid how he parks at the job site...

89 toyota pickup 4X4 1800obo - $1800

Date: 2009-07-29, 1:43PM EDT
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1989 toyota pickup,4X4 works great it needs head work so it will NOTstart thats the only thing wrong with it, i daily drove it until tihs happened and now i have a new car and have no need for this one for more info call Marty at (blank) thanks 1800o.b.o.

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