Friday, July 31, 2009

More Metros, Well Bimmer had his fun.....

Geo Metro, why does this car get so much attention is anyone's guess. Could it be its sleek looks, wide tires(not!), or the sound the door makes when you slam it? If you have ever been in one you know the steering wheel is bendable, knobs fall off in your hands(new), list goes on and on. Suppose it's better than an engine randomly catching on fire like the Fieros! This guy, bless his heart tries to give you as much detail as possible, as Engrish can only tell you. Not sure the word "Project Car" could even relate to a Geo Metro, or any Geo for that matter. So glad about this part mentioned in the description from the seller, "I could call you back". Guess it's his choice, after all he has so much invested into this "Progect".

1993 Geo Metro - $1500

Date: 2009-07-22, 11:09AM EDT
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I have a 1993 3 cly. Geo Metro 4dr. hachback , 46,000 mile on a rebuild engine........ am, fm, cd, stereo, tint windows.... automatic trans.....almost new tire.... new water pump....good on still have hard too find old engine, needs number 1 piston rebuil no conpression, thats whats wrong with old engine,or for parts if needed..... carbulater, water pump, timeing belt , oil pump.........whole engine..... Plus 4more tires and rims .........saleing cause it was a progect car... but can't work on it where i live... Call Rico at (Blank)or e-mail me phone# i could call you back.......

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