Friday, July 31, 2009

Geo Metro

So Scoobie came across this on, and I thought it would be a good way to kickstart things. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Lamar's Geo Metro:

Now, I have nothing in particular against the Geo Metro, and I'm sure it's a reliable, economic machine for traveling from point A to point B. This one, however, has been greatly improved upon, as you will see in its owner's words:

- Veilside Style body kit-molded - MSD blaster 2 ignition coil - Custom hood scoop (Took BMW brake light cover and filled the hole with bondo) - Showgun style wing (Measure your trunk and buy the right universal wing. For those who have hatch backs look at the Swift wings. Wing is functional) - Short shifter (Cut it, use silicone and use a universal shifter knob silicone will stop it from becoming undone.) - Shifter boot (no brainer) - Platinum 4 spark plugs are neccessary with ignition coil. Iridium is better. - Under Drive Pulley - Custom air intake (I went to Home depot and grabbed an ABS plumbing cap that would fit the throttle body. I had some ABS tubing lying around grabbed some panty hose to form a cast with fiberglass resin and slapped so fiber glass and bondo on it to make it look nice. Yes it works great estimate 3-5hp for 30 dollars.)

Not content with the improvements brought to his fine vehicle via Bondo, Home Depot plastic plumbing, and silicone, our friend's already looking forward to the future:

Future Mods:

- Christian Graphics
- Aiming for 18 inch on 215/35/18's(
- Turbo set up
- Underbody brace
- Front/Rear upper strut bar
- Lowering Springs
- Lambo Doors

I don't want to question the wisdom of turbocharging, lowering and installing 18" wheels on a Geo Metro (not to mention the Lambo doors), but, at that level of investment (time and money), wouldn't he be better off just buying a used Miata? At least that way he' would have a car that handles decently.

Anyway here are some pictures...

Is it me, or is the custom Home Depot plumbing CAI melting?

I'm sure the exhaust sounds as good as it looks.

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